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22 March 2010

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AppStore Version available "Wifone - IAX, SIP & SMS"

26 January 2010

For all the people who would love to enjoy Siax but cannot Jailbreak their iPhones. link

Version 2.0.3 available

15 January 2010

In this version we have fixed the SMS issue with Betamax more

Version 2.0.2 available

25 July 2009

In this version we have added french translation a lot of bug fixes, for more details see our more

Latest Version

Version 2.0.3

  • SMS Bug fixed with Betamax providers
  • read more


SIAX is the perfect Voice Over IP application for your iPhone. Siax lets you add one or multiple VOIP providers to make cheap calls when you are either near a WiFi hotspot or have a 3G, UMTS, Edge or GPRS connection.