SIAX is the perfect Voice-Over-IP application for your Apple iPhone. SIAX will let you make cheap calls whenever you're near a wireless hotspot or have a 3G, UMTS, Edge or GPRS connection. SIAX even supports SMS messaging

SIAX comes in two fantastic editions: SIAX Basic and SIAX Pro. The following comparison will help you decide which version is right for you.

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SIP and IAX2 protocol
Codecs: G.711 a/u and GSM
Edge/GPRS support
3G/UMTS support
High quality ring tones
Speaker-Phone support
Stun enable/disable
Updates for further versions
SMS support with phone book
Multiple SIP and IAX2 accounts
DTMF support
Dialing from the phone book

Version history

Version 2.0.3

  • SMS Bug fixed, Betamax provider list updated

Version 2.0.2

  • French translation added
  • Stun server fix
  • Proxy server issue fixed
  • minor bugs fixed

Version 2.0

Version 2.0 is a major update in which we have included a complete new restructure of our code. Siax does not only start 100% faster, it runs more stable and we could include several new features, such as speaker-phone support, error messages, favorites, editable contacts, send SMS using youre phone book,...

  • Siax now shows detailed information about how many accounts are connected
  • Tabbing IAX or SIP call buttons for 1 second gives you the option to choose through which account you would like to connect
  • Editable tabbar (contacts and keypad are fixed!)
  • SMS: new provider clickatell.com now supported
  • SMS: access to phone book
  • SMS: shows remaining characters allowed
  • Accounts: easy to see which ones are online and connected
  • Accounts: manuell reconnect possible by tabbing on each account
  • Accounts: Added authenticate username for SIP
  • Contacts: editable inside Siax, you can even add photos to you´re contacts
  • Favorites added
  • Recent Calls list now deletable, or you can choose to only delete certain entries
  • Recent Calls shows more infos, such as day of call, duration and contact names (if number is in contacts)
  • Choose between 5 high quality ring tones
  • Siax code has been completely rewriten, start time is now 3 - 5 seconds! Using the iPhone 3GS Siax will start in 2 seconds!
  • Support of speaker-phone
  • Interface logical structered
  • New design

Version 1.10

Version 1.10 of SIAX offers even more interesting text to read and hopefully you will buy the software after having readin this. I'll just keep on talking and blabidiblub I have nothing more to say, just filler text. Lorem ipsum and so on.

  • Send SMS using one of 24 providers for as cheap as a few cents!
  • Licence is shown (Basic or Pro)
  • Accounts tab moved into settings
  • More languages! Enjoy siax in English, Spanish and German!
  • Prefix function

Version 1.07

  • Fixed the decline problem. In certain case, decline didn't hang up the call.
  • Fixed retry problem. We will not retry if register failed. Please register manually in account setting page.
  • Fixed some minor issues.

Version 1.06

  • Fixed possible crash when outbound proxy or proxy is set (incorrectly)
  • Fixed outbound proxy and proxy issue in some cases

Version 1.05

  • Fixed bug related to stun server. Note: after changed stun server, restart the app.
  • Added out bound proxy server for sip
  • Added proxy server for per-account for sip
  • I changed the Siax Icon, so it looks better
  • Fixed problem for trial version to input serial number
  • Fixed long sip name problem

Version 1.04

  • removed prefix settings
  • hardcode + to 00
  • add echo back test in settings
  • used the iTune shined black icon
  • disable buy action when we have basic or pro license

Version 1.03

  • Added prefix for sip or iax call from address book.
  • Automatically save recent call history.
  • upgraded version number to 1.03
  • fixed a wrong status like it showed registered for registration error

Version 1.01

  • Siax launched on 12th. Nov. 2008