Step 1: Start SIAX

Start the SIAX application by pressing the SIAX icon on your iPhone menu.

Step 2: Go to account menu

Go to "More" and hit "Accounts" then "edit" on the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Press "Add new SIP or IAX account"

Press the "Add new SIP or IAX account" button

Step 4: Enter Information

Enter your SIP-Server, username and password and if requiered the authenticate username.

Step 5: Save your information

Press the button at the upper right side to save your account information.

Step 6: Register your account(s)

You can eather activate them by tabbing the ON/OFF Button or you can tab on the name of the account (not in edit mode!) and press the "connect and activate" button. The green light indicates that the connection has been estabilshed. If a red light appears you will also get an error message, telling you what went wrong.

Step 7: Press Dial

If everything went well, the SIP or IAX provider buttons will be green.

Step 8: Dial Number and hit "SIP" or "IAX"

Dial a number and hit "SIP" or "IAX". If you want to choose between the account in order to make the call, press the SIP or IAX button for 1 second, you will be able to choose. You can also dial from youre contacts, Siax will then always ask you to choose the account. Congratulations, you just made your first phone call via SIAX!

More settings:

If you are using more than one Provider, you can set one Provider as default. You can set any of your account as default. With default you dial out. Just press and drag at the right side of the account row you can move the Accounts up and down.